ML in Browser- WIP(Currently working)

Being the Lady who is interested in HCI, ML, AI and the collaboration of all three to make machine more intelligent. Recently, I have been exploring TensorFlow.js which is a webGL accelerated, bowser based JS library. I am working on a machine learning model which allows for real-time human pose estimation in the browser. I will update the link here once it is done. It may take time as this is my side project!

P.S: I got this idea while I was working on a project in my company that project was more about making human-robot/agent interactions more intelligent.

StanfordHCI-Mozilla Design Sprint

Mozilla and Stanford HCI design drive for an accessible web: participation included working online with a multidisciplinary team over the course of a week on the Stanford design thinking process. Together with our team we created concepts for a more accessible web browsing experience based on our experiences. We ideated and prototyped our designs and did light weight testing with a real world potential user. Find more about work here on my blog here.

Mozilla (RGSOC Fellow Intern)

Worked on making servo browser support responsive images. Responsiblity involved working on source set, size, pictures and offscreen api algorithm. Find all my work here. Find more about work on my blog here.

Mozilla (Outreachy Intern)

Worked on Firefox browser. Improved several distinct aspects of Firefox's UI on all desktop platforms. Improved Firefox reliability. Find all my work here. Find more about work on my blog here.

Space Visualization

This is a true time scaled solar-system, A code doodle to visualize our solar system. I know this is not the first one on Internet, but I'm a Visualization and space lover, and I wanted to create mine :) It is live here.

Drawing App

Drawing app using the canvas HTML5 element and JS. Are you the one who love drawing? Then this is for you. See the live project here. Find out code here.

Key Detector

It’s a Konami code detector. While on project page press any button & see the result in console browser. Unicorn.js is added to make things interesting. See the live project here. Find out code here.

Learn IT, Girl (Scholar)

As a scholar worked on a gaming project, which taught the basics of maths and computer science function to middle school students. Find all my work here.

More coming soon..